Concept’s laboratory is equipped with the modern technology equipment and complies with international standards and guidelines. The equipment and media that we use are in fact some of the premium names in the field of ART such as Cook Needles, Sydney IVF Cook Transfer Catheter, Vitrolife and Medicult.

At Concept, we use desk-top mini-incubators that have revolutionised pregnancy rates. These incubators simulate the natural environment of human fallopian tubes by using low oxygen levels. They also feature just the right amount of carbon dioxide needed to help embryos grow. Inside these incubators, embryos are grown in a type of fluid called a culture medium. The quality of this culture medium is crucial to the success of an IVF cycle. That's why we use premium European brands.

Concept also offers patient the chance to cryopreserve (freeze) any healthy surplus embryos from an IVF/ICSI cycle. By freezing these embryos you have the chance to attempt pregnancy more than once through Frozen Embryo Transfer after only one stimulated cycle.

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