Assisted Insemination

Artificial Insemination (IUI)




Artificial Insemination suggests the best results are achieved when insemination coincides with ovulation induced by fertility drugs. However, it is important that doctors undertakings this ovarian stimulation monitor their drug treatment to ensure there are not too many follicles developing in the ovary.


Around the time of ovulation, a sample of sperm from the male partner is prepared and place into the uterus of the female partner through a fine catheter.


There are three requirements that are crucial for proceeding this treatment, which are:


  • One or ideally both tubes must be open and patent, and sperm count not less than 15 million/ml.
  • Not more than 5 years of infertile period
  • Recommended to younger patients



Step by step in IUI


Drug treatment



Monitoring phase



HCG injection



(after 24-26 hours)




Pregnancy test



Pros and Cons in IUI



• Moderate cost (RM750-not including medication and scanning).

• Simple procedure


• Low success rate



(max 3 cycles)

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